What’s Your Favorite Addition to the Original 151 Pokémon?

There haven’t been enough new Pokémon posts lately. I’m kind of serious. You can never have enough of a good thing, right?

We’ve had a lot of utility posts like swapping friend codes and whatnot lately.

(mines 5172-0514-7500 and my player name is Pip. I’ll totes be your friend. Just let me know if you add me and throw your code in the comments )


Crazy props to Stormborn’s awesome Pokémon a day illustrations… for both breaking the mold of utility posting AND providing some cool art to look at

So anyway, the point of this is to provide some non-utility diversity while continuing to celebrate Pokemon.

The original 151 pokemon get a lot of love from random people. Rightly so, they’re all awesome, but we skip over the rest a lot because there’s just so many of them.Because the originals get a lot of love we’re going to show some love to the other generations. Here are my favorites from each new Generation

Gen 2



Look at him! He’s awesome… All surly looking with his bright red bulb on his tail. He doesn’t care that he’s insanely bright yellow. He’ll open up a can of whup-ass without a moment’s notice. He gets current gen love too with amazingly glorious hair! He’s the apathetic L'Oreal Pokemon!


Gen 3



It was the first pokemon I discovered that had no weaknesses. That’s since been fixed, but he’s a mainstay in my party. There’s nothing better than bringing out your lil' pokemon and have the opponent have no choice but to just use swords dance or tail whip because none of their other moves will do damage. Plus he looks like an evil lil' bastard, doesn’t he?

Gen 4



I still think this guy’s one of the coolest looking Pokémon out there. If I was in the world of Pokémon Lucario would be the only one of my Pokémon that I’d let walk out with me. Plus he can apparently telepathically speak and has a sense of self? So there are some heavy morally questionable decisions to be made concerning free will and slavery, but still he’s cool. As a side note, his mega evolution looks weird though. I mean, is it just me or do the mega dreadlocks seem kind of racist?


Gen 5



It’s a flying hydra. I’m not sure what else to say about this one. He should be on everyone’s favorite list.

Even if you don’t see him as a hydra then he’s at least a flying dragon who kicks ass while wearing sock puppets of himself on his hands… and that’s still pretty awesome.


Gen 6



“The organ that emits its intense psychic power is sheltered by its ears to keep power from leaking out.” It’s brain? So if its lil ears perk up then his brain leaks out? No wonder the lil guy seems so haunted. Beyond the whole brain thing he’s totally seen some stuff, man. Some heavy stuff…

Awesome, right? I thought so. Tell me your favorites from each gen in the comments!

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